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Sado Mazo Slavesluts

Two blonde women, cute with nice bodies, are sitting on a couch drinking. They undress each other and play with each other's tits. One woman licks and fingers the other's pussy. A MAN enters. He makes them kneel on the floor and he whips their asses. He sits on the couch and makes them take off his pants and suck his dick. He puts clips with weights on one woman's pussy-the first woman. He puts clips with weights on the second woman's pussy. Fresh meat is in place to satisfy the House Master's appetite for new, sexy, submissive servants. Starring: Bobby Bends, Bruce Venture, Cherry Torn, Coffee Brown, Dana Vixen, Emma Haize, Gia Dimarco, Jessie Cox, Payton Bell

The Upper Floor: Fresh Meat Review
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The women lick and play with each other's tits. He puts clothepins on their nipples. He makes them suck his dick. He takes off the pins and puts clips with weights on their nipples. The women are on the floor eating each other out. The man enters and whips their asses. He rubs and spreads their pussies. He clamps down one woman's tits with wooden sticks. He ties the other woman's tits up with leather strings. The women rub their tits together and he whips their asses. He puts clips on their nipples and connects them with rope. He gives each woman a whip and makes them whip each other's ass as they spin in a circle. He attaches clips to their labia and connect them with rope and make them whip each other some more. He sits on the couch and makes them suck his dick. He sits one woman on the couch and makes the other woman lick her pussy. Take a trip to the dark side where your dark desires can be played out. Where your "Twisted Fantasies" come to life & your sexual desire for the unknown takes you on a climactic ride with Romi Rain and Tommy Pistol. Sado Mazo Slaveslut films of real subs!

Twisted Fantasies 2: Dark Desires
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He gets a dildo and fucks her with it. He fucks her in the ass with a dildo. He makes the other woman FIST her and he DPs her with a vibrator. He unties her tits and pulls on them and squeezes her nipples hard. He whips her ass. He takes the clamp off the other woman's tits and squeezes them hard. He makes the women rub their tits together and straps them together. He makes them spin in a circle and he whips their asses. He kneels them on the ground and he pisses in their mouths. He cums in their mouths and makes them kiss. Skin and Alex have an arrangement. She does absolutely anything he asks, including cooking, cleaning, and, whenever Alex wishes it, bending over so he can cum in her.

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Starts with a blonde shaving her pussy, then puts clamps on her pussy lips. She answers the phone and talks to a "customer" who says he'll pay for sex if she'll wear a mask. Guy shows up, she has onthe mask so that she can't see him... he treats her like a "dog", leash, barking, little bit of spanking... He keeps leading her around on the leash and uses a paddle on her ass. Next, he ties her to a metal frame shaped like a ladder, ties a ball gag in her mouth, puts heavy duty clamps on her nipples  unties her and leads her to the bed.. fingers her pussy, more paddling, fucks her pussy with a long double dildo. she moans a lot but can't say anything because of the ball gag. Keeps fucking her with the double dildo, paddles her while the dildo hangs from her pussy, uses a black dildo in her ass to give her a dildo DP. He moves her so that she's tied up leaning over a small table.. more paddling and more dildo fucking. Now he ties her so that she's laying on her back with her legs spread nice and wide, uses clamps and chains to spread her pussy wide open , uses 1 then 2, then 3 fingers to explore her pussy. Fucks her pussy more with the dildo, puts clips back on her pussy and tits, unties her so that she can suck his dick.. The video ends with him paddling her ass while she is still sucking his dick. This is a good looking slave with a nice body, nice tits.


Melanie Moon in hardcore BDSM

Slave girl Melanie Moon in hardcore BDSM action at the Shadow Slaves clinic. The blonde German sklavin is punished severely using play piercing needles on her labia and nipples by her sadistic master.

Full length BDSM Movie available at Shadow Slaves - Exclusive S/M Films


Device Bondage Review

Device Binding ties, is a real alternative S&M site I think. They use all kind of tools and devices for restraining their slaves.

Their memberarea delightful well designed, you got menu tab called Updates, where you can go in and see all the updates for the Device Spanked site And there is a lot as the site are getting updated once a week at least.

I havent even counted the about of flickson the site, as it is A LOT, my best shot would be well over 50 hours of moving picturesand a gargantuan cum og photosalso.

Another thing you can do on Device Ropes, which I really like is they got a Live Shows section, where you can ofcourse see the show, and you can get to chat with the models and the staff. Unparalleled feature I think.

They also got a Special Offers section, which will give you a discount on the membership prices on the other sites they manage.

You can get access for $55 for a month – BUT if you joins for 6 months you can join for $156 (Save $174). It might seem expensive for attached membership, but its worth it, specially with the amount and quality of the videosand not to mention the Live Shows – I love that part!


The Training Of O

The Training Of O is a totally new concept in the online fetish and bondage world, it is a submissive women that get a full week of training as a slave.

The movies, pictures and concept of the site is real top notch. The site is quite new, but still they managed to fill up the site pretty good.

The site is getting updated once a week with a new shoot from that week of slave training, then they posts from a day, and a day of slave training is about 1 hour. And right now as I writing this they got 58 shoots, so that over 58 hours of slave training already.

One month of access costs only $29.95 and you can get a full 3 months for $59.95 (Save $29.90 USD)

Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage


Lesbian BDSM

With buttocks her huge breasts and hot corset, this brunette deserves somewhat punishment that her partner that is tormenting will soon be pleased to supply. Lesbian BDSM by

They start by slapping her and spitting her face! She does not say no and never stumbles, so why bother? Lesbian skank spank. Humiliation. Female domination and pussy torture. Hard treatment for Scar. Her imagination prevails within the organization of the nurse dressed up in an attractive latex uniform that completely conforms her body's delicate shapes. Associated with a physician's office chair, she tries all her attempts to free himself from there for anxiety about what she could experience. The gorgeous nurse starts by placing the suction bells to the nipples

lesbian-bdsm-1 lesbian-bdsm-4 lesbian-bdsm-5 lesbian-bdsm-6 lesbian-bdsm-7 lesbian-bdsm-9

Claques after phrases, helpless and tied to the arms, the cop undergoes with pleasure the delicate tortures.


Hooker Humiliation and BDSM

Original Bondage - Three galleries of Asian girls in bondage. Pain and Pleasure on Park Ave. - Galleries of hardcore bondage and torture pics. Panty, Chains and Fancy Ladies - Hookers featured in lace lingerie and chain and ropes. Pitiless Violence - Assorted pictures of women and men in bondage and disciplined.

Hooker Humiliation and BDSM. BDSM and Humilation by


Presentiment Of Violence - Four galleries of women being subjected to bondage. Pretty Tied Up - Galleries of young blonde in rope bondage. Prey of Torturer - Four galleries of Asian women in bondage. Privileged Bondage - Four galleries of women in bondage.


Profit of Violence - Pictures of various women in bondage. Proper Restraint - Bondage BDSM and Fetish featuring the "girls next door" in all sorts of bondage predicaments. Quality Fetish - Exclusive bondage and fetish pictures. Real Life Bondage Slut Anna - my tight little shaved pussy is waiting for Your whip and Your cock. Rope Bound Babes - Gorgeous galleries of a dozen all nude bondage models. Severe Bondage - Galleries of bondage photos featuring beautiful women in various BDSM. Sex Slaves - Two galleries of an amateur slave girl.


Human Ashtray Wynter

Human Ashtray Wynter kinky female humiliation at and severe whipping of blonde submissive. Wynter is used as an ashtray, ball gagged and whipped mercilessly by her master. Extreme bdsm and kinky slave humiliation









See the full length movie of slave girl Wynter punished and humiliated at Shadow Slaves


Tattooed Bondage and Femdom

Tattooed Bondage - Photo galleries of rope and chain bondage, practicing nipple and Asians. Teen Twins in Bondage - Teen twins spank, whip and tie each other up in their dungeon of pleasures. The Abducted Beauties - Women In Bondage as seen on the pages and covers of Fiction, Mens Adventure, and Detective Magazines. Mia Isabella is one of the hottest women on the planet with her beautiful face, stunning rack, sexy legs and huge cock. When you look like this, the world is at your feet. Starring: Mia Isabella, Ty Roderick

TS Seduction: TS Mia Isabella's Desires: Boys, Girls, Bondage, Total Domination
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The Banging Bandito - Bondage pics of a woman getting fucked while tied up in rope. The Ponyboy - Mistress Sandra training her ponyboy. Extreme spanking, whipping, beating, female domination. Tie Me Up - Pictures of submissive female in bondage. Maitresse Madeline dominates Bobby Bends in his first ever submission on camera. Madeline's sexiness oozes from the camera and to the screen. Just when you think Madeline may give Bobby a break she brings out another nasty implement with a smile. Starring: Bobby Bends, Maitresse Madeline

Divine Bitches: Sadistic Cock Tease
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Tied Tight - Offers pictures of women and men in bondage and a live chat room. Torture Kit - Three galleries of a submissive girl tied and gagged. Torture Manual - Pictures of various women in bondage. Truly Bondage - Variety of bondage shots. Violence in Paradise - Four galleries of assorted pictures of girls tied up in bondage for BDSM. Women in Distress - Images and art of Women in Bondage, as featured on the pages and covers of Detective, and Mens Adventure Magazines. XXX Sex Bondage - Variety of bondage photos and chat.


Slavegirl Emily Sharpe

Live Torture Channel - Bondage image gallery and a 24 hour live dungeon. Lords of Bondage - Photo galleries featuring many bondage poses. Mirror of Pain - Pictures of various women in bondage. Mister Black - Galleries featuring a mix of male and female bondage. Modern Sadism - Four galleries of mostly Asian women in bondage.

Slavegirl Emily Sharpe tied and whipped mercilessly at Shadow Slaves. Full length video available for download


Disgusting pictures of BBW femdom spanking, anal slave training, needle CBT and pissing! My Best Friends Wife Tied Up and Naked - Pictures of blonde in leather tied up and stripped nude. Naked in Heels and Chains - Pics of naked women spread shots with cuffed ankles and wrists wearing heels.


Naughty, Sassy and Heeled - Pictures of buff women in heels, chains and ropes. Obedience School for Wives - Galleries of young women trained to serve their masters through punishment, bondage, and discipline. Oriental Rope Bondage - Japanese rope bondage, suspension, erotic immobilization, and rope bondage links.


BDSM News: Elitepain Releases Whipping Film

The world of sadomasochism always rejoice at the news of a fresh release from Hungarian spanking producers Elite Pain. With a long history of whipping Eastern European amateur models to tears, bruising and breaking Hungarian slave girls, taking house wifes through pleasure and pain. Well. Their releases are generally worth waiting for.

The newest Elitepain film is called Punishment Methology 2. As hinted by the titled its a sequel to the movie focusing on whips and canes. This time pussy whipping and bastinado is explored. To the extreme! Read more about Punishment Methology 2 in the BDSMFiles Video Review and have a nice video look at the latest in hard bdsm movies too.


BDSM News: Elitepain Releases Whipping Film


Sadomaso Sex In Japan

Sadomaso Sex In Japan featuring pussy spanking of Tigerr Benson

You receive me dressed very sexy clothes not just sub dims the ups under a skirt and a top notched .... You present yourself standing before me legs slightly apart subjected waiting .

I would watch you and would start a face caress you a little better vulgarly belittle your pride, I will continue my exploration of your body on your clothes then underneath to feel the breasts and buttocks weigh caress your legs you shoes off your feet caress your legs your thighs your sex. Then I could undo the shirt to fondle and lick her breasts undo your skirt kiss your lower abdomen and your tense back up between your buttocks.

Pussy spanking of Japanese sado maso girl Tigerr Benson in Exclusive Sadomasochistic Movie featuring a true lifestyle submissive from Tokyo, Japan.

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Sadomaso Sex In Japan

Sadomaso Sex In Japan featuring kinky Koko Li at The Pain Files

Will you show me how you masturbate you 2 fingers, thinking of your lovers. After this introduction I respect you would ask a rope corset-type Japanese shibari and you would attach members. 

You will spank the whip: you will be whipped up first tears but I feel if this is sufficient or not. Then I will exercise your ability to walk with 4 legs like a dog with collar and leash for dog and you will lick your master and make him oral sex.

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Japanese Sadomasochist

See more japanese sadomasochistic punishments of asian slave girls at The Pain Files

I will then give again the whip spanking until you say no - then I could ask you some tongs breasts. I would attach you on an upside-down chair legs and ass in the air is a very humiliating position that will explode your cock and then I'll play you to enter small elastic slipped on your feet better act the martinet . respond to your soles thus subject, debased and humiliated I'd take it shall be your reward.

Japanese Sadomasochist Tigerr Benson


Rough slave punishment of Faye Corbin

silenttreatmentRough slave punishment of Faye Corbin by her dominant boyfriend. The amateur masochist endures a hard sado session with her dom. Fae is spanked. Used sexually. Whipped. Tied. And tit tortured with nipple clamps.

Hardcore sadomaso film from featuring a real lifestyle sado maso lover and her kinky boyfriend in action. Giving blowjobs, fucked in bondage, humiliated and whipped - Faye Corbin enjoys the brutal treatment to the full.

silenttreatment01 silenttreatment02 silenttreatment03 silenttreatment04 silenttreatment05 silenttreatment06


Marina Angels BDSM Film

Clothespinned Tits - Slavegirl gets pinned and twisted. High Quality Leather Hoods And Underwears - Fetish - Online Store Selling High Quality Leather Hoods and Underwear. Dildo training for men - Strap-on sex. Sarah training her slave using strap-on dildo. Extreme BDSM -
The sensual world of BDSM Ecstasy from Pain

Facesitting Femdom - Men and women worshipping hot wet pussy, smothering and cunnilingus. Femdom galleries collection - Our specialties include femdom rope bondage, suspension, mummification, slave training, forced feminisation, water sports and strap-on training. FemdomBank - Free female domination, bondage, strap-on, spanking galleries here. German slut in bondage - Disobedient German slut get gagged and receive cruel punishment. Our BDSM dungeon has been busier than ever. Some of the hottest lesbian Mistresses bring their sex slaves over for some lezdom fun, like the sexy yet mean Riley Ray. Starring: Marina Angel

Strapon Squad
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Hard Fetish Sex - Females whip their men into giving them a good hard fuck. Lesbian Femdom Girl on Girl Kink - Bi-girl D/s collection, lesbian spankings, bdsm, catfighting and titty-biting. Mid Evil furniture - Bondage furniture, Picture galleries, links, and More. Switch Bitch - A young woman explores her dominant and submissive sides.


Amateur Masochist Tit Tortured

Extreme amateur tit torture of an enslaved nipple clamped submissive at Kinky crying amateur masochist in hardcore livingroom sado maso session is nipple clamped, tit tortured and put in breast bondage.

The mature slave girl is standing at attention in front of her domme. Metal clamps are put on her nipples. The clamps are used to lift her tits painfully in the air as she cries, moans and begs. The domme shows no mercy to her masochistic slave girl. Kinky amateur BDSM. Extreme pain! All in a day of sado maso news!

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See more extreme amateur BDSM at The Pain Files Exclusive BDSM films


Slaveslut Elise Graves Tortured

Bare Sadism of slaveslut Elise Graves tortured to tears in the sado dungeon at SHADOW SLAVES - Four galleries of various women in bondage. Bdsm Chain Slaves - Sexy slavegirls in humiliating bondage, chained and gagged. BDSM Unlimited - Painful pix of female slave bondage, asphyxiation, master training and torture! BDSMPeg - Hundreds of downloadable video clips of very real, intense BDSM action - in mpeg format with full sound. Beautiful Bondage - Asian and amateur bondage galleries.


Beautiful Fetish Babes in Bondage - Three galleries of babes punished by their masters. Beside Torture - Three galleries of submissive female being handled. Best of Asian Bondage and Torture - Thumbnailed Asian BDSM pictures and Real Player movie clips. Bitches Mercilessly Spanked - Naughty bitches getting spanked, disciplined by girls. Black Femdom - Black Femdom in training


Exotic Amateur Slave

Exotic Amateur Slave in BDSM

Exotic Amateur Slave at Amateur BDSM Videos with clamped and chained nose, metal clamped nipples and private dungeon fetishes. The longhaired mixed race slave girl is tied to a chair in the punishment room and tormented with clover clamps.

Kinky amateur slave tortures with metal clover clamps, chains and bondage. Exotic Amateur Slave in BDSM.

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See more amateur BDSM at The Pain Files in exclusive fetish films!


Sado Foot Torture

Slave Elise Graves foot fetish and caned feet torture

Sado foot torture of Elise Graves in double domination and punished toe torments at BDSM Films with American fetish model. Slave girl Elise Graves is taken to the private dungeon by Master John and Mistress Xinran. The submissive is put in the medical chair with her feet exposed in the air.

The soles of Elise Graves feet are caned, whipped and prodded with pointy sticks. Mistress Xinran tortures the toes of Elise Graves while Master John canes her sore feet. Foot fetish of american fetish model in punished sole torture and toe torments.

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Kinky double domination and foot fetish of slave Elise Graves in caned feet torture at The Pain Files by Mistress Xinran and Dom John.


Lesbian BDSM of Satine Spark

Cute blonde maso-slave Satine Spark returns to for a hard lesbian BDSM adventure under the dominance of mistress Xinran. Lesbian BDSM of Satine Spark and cruel femdomme whipping of a hogtied blonde submissive suffering.

Enslaved fetishist Satine Spark in the BDSM feature film Monster Under The Bed available from Shadow Slaves in delightfully cruel and detailed HD.

lesbian bdsm Satine Spark


Submissive Isanne Tied Up

Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage

Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage at Blindfolded slave Isanne roped and dominated. Clamped on her nipples and sensory deprived blonde. Slave Isanne in bondage and pain!

The naughty blonde is blindfolded by plastic straps. Her breasts are tied up and she is restrained to a chair. A ballgag silences her moans as nipple clamps are applied. Sore nipples and helpless. Slave Isanne struggles in her bondage but no movement is possible. Kink and bondage!

Lovely blonde slave girl Isanne our newest feature at Sado News in amateur bondage and nipple clamped pain!

Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage

Kinky Isanne tied up at Bondagettes Damsels in Distress with breast bondage and nipple clamps.


Taylor Hearts Bruised Tits

Sweet slave Taylor Hearts bruised tits and nipple torture at the Shadow Slaves - BDSM Films dungeon. The blonde young sado masochist is tied, gagged and drooling in the punishment cellar.

Breast tortured Taylor Hearts gagged and drooling as her tits are marked and punished mercilessly by her experienced dom. For Taylor Heart the elastic tit torture and breast whipping brings out heartbreaking tears in her eyes.

taylorheart01 taylorheart02 taylorheart03 taylorheart04 taylorheart05 taylorheart06Full length movie of blonde submissive Taylor Hearts plastic elastic tit torture and bruised breast whipping of a debutant slave girl in the dungeon is available at Shadow Slaves in super HD for download.