Creative S&M Toys

Sadomaso Sex In Japan featuring pussy spanking of Tigerr Benson

Music stores: Metal banjo picks (excellent and inexpensive “claws”), tambourine brushes, drumsticks, sound effect toys

Beauty supply: Rubber bands, clips and clamps, hairbrushes

Theatrical/magic:Blacklights and strobe lights, mindfuck props, costuming, fake blood, stage knives, rope tricks, itching powder

Kitchen/home: Bathroom accessories (loofah sponges, mitts), spatulas, cutting board paddles, cheese graters, pickle pinchers, wooden spoons, rice paddles, plastic windowblind closing rods (good canes)

Pet stores: Collars, leashes, bells, dog food bowls, cages, remote electrical shock collars. Veterinary supply sells horse and dog bite gags, forceps, sterile needles, some restraints

Fishing stores: (Warning: fishhooks are not safe for piercing play!) Fiberglass rods, weights, pliers and clamps, fish scaler (abrasion toy), bells with clips

Farm supply: Castrating bands (Elastrator), cattle prods, flexible plastic fencing material, mild electrical “pest” fences

Tack shops: Riding crops, harnesses and bridles, horse hobbles

Arts/Crafts: Tap Plastics cuts custom paddle/cane shapes and stocks fiberglass rods. Craft stores sell leather and specialty rope. Tandy Leather sells horsehair, feathers, leather laces

Marine supply: Rope, winches, quick-release snaps, pulleys

Climbing supply: Heavy duty ropes, carabiners, suspension   harnesses

Shoe Repair: Scrap leather, heavy rubber soles, laces, polish

Auto Parts: “Parts retriever” gripping toy, funnels, windshield wiper blades, vinyl cleaner

Fabric stores: Clover clamps, spiked measuring and cutting wheels

Pharmacies: Menthol rubs, Ace bandages, douches and enemas, aspirin (increases bruising), snakebite kits, Betadine, First Aid and safety gear, cotton swabs, disinfectants Baby Wipes (contains nonoxynol)

Five and dime: Cheap clothespins, tupperware drawers to organize your toys

Toy stores: Toy paddles, jumping rope, age play accessories

Thrift shops: Cheap leather and fur coats to recycle, leather belts, “tearaway” or disposable clothing to rip off your body

Groceries: Foodplay items like cucumbers and other insertion toys, whipped cream, tabasco and hot sauces (not insertion toys)

Sporting goods: Muscle rub, paddles, fiberglass fishing rods, chin-up bars can be installed for bondage, camping “potty chairs” for watersports play

Hardware/lumber: Rope, tarps, paint mixers (great little paddles), bungee cord, snap hooks and connectors, clamps, sandpaper, dowel rods for canes or spreader bars, eye bolts, chains, alligator clips, plastic rods, small inner tubes (slice lengthwise for flogger)

Medical/lab supply:Catheters, enema gear, forceps, latex, needles, scalpels, disinfectants, ambulance shears (emergency bondage cutter), urethral sounds, speculums, restraints, backboards, c-spine collars and rigid braces

Law enforcement: Billy clubs, leg irons, handcuffs, thumbcuffs, come-alongs, spare handcuff keys, saps, uniforms and boots