New ShadowSlaves: Ivy

Unshaven, tattooed and naked, ivy is sleeping in her cell, once Christian Red decides to start out her coaching as a ShadowSlave in earnest.

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He bangs on her bars to wake her and makes her kneel, slapped to the bars, whereas he prepares. Dragged from the cell by her hair, slaps and punches are the reward for any hesitation, as he barks orders for her to position herself on a metal frame. Strapped in situ, she is rendered entirely helpless.

A holdfast is connected to her tongue, rendering her dumb and drooling, as many others bite the pale, virgin flesh of her tits. Bondage Films

Alittle whip is employed to beat her immobilized thighs, however his focus these days is heavy those breasts, and he shortly returns to spitefully twisting her nipples, before applying metal clamps, that are painfully force and tweaked. once more beatings of her thighs, the clamps and pegs are cruelly torn from her tender flesh and nipples, going away angry red welts in their wake.

Currently they’re ready, Christian is finally able to beat her tits, employing a viscous switch. Her face is tightly certain with rope, rendering her eyeless and gagged, as he punches and slaps her belly and thighs, invariably returning to her sore and tender breasts till they’re contused and swollen. solely then is she dragged back to her cell and latched certain the night, left to sob quietly within the darkness.