A Night Of Parisian Fetishes

They were in their Paris hotel room. A pair of loving fetishists in the 4th arrondissement. They had enjoyed exquisite dining, a comfortable hotel and gorgeous walks through Paris. But now. Now, they were doing what they really enjoyed. They often switched sexually making her the femdom and him the slave, other times the roles would be reversed.

On this night he was in control. He had been for hours. And taken care to use the time well. He parted the cheeks of her and ran the water on the inner region of her. She’d never felt anything very like it before. She watched the massager drop on the shower floor in between the legs of her as the tongue of his gradually ran between the back of her. Teasing carefully with modest licks a location of enjoyment she’d never had stimulated before.

She was gasping loudly and tugging at the bonds of her. His lickings had been operating her mad with a feeling as none she’d even dreamed. It absolutely was a bliss as none other. She felt his hands change the tongue of his like a single hand he deftly shut the water from. The fingers of his never leaving the rear of her, often reaching under to provide her clit a little tease like reassurance.

Remember when you replied to that annonce BDSM in the femdom classifieds ad section? I bet you never imagined being tied and spanked back then, did you? She most certainly didn’t, but with the massive pleasures it brought she didn’t mind for a second. Quite to the contrary.

Unshackled and Ready For Pleasure

Her lover unshackled the wrist of her out of the wall space and Lina received an obvious pout as she believed the lesson of her was completed. It wasn’t to be. Just before she can protest he bent her over and re attached the wrists of her to the lower legs of her, bending her over plus making her most vulnerable areas helpless to the erotic pleasures of his. She started to be anxious and also struggled as it dawned on her what was happening. He chuckled at her predicament. “Please no!” she protested. But he calmly stepped not bath and returned with scented oils. She was fighting for those she was worth. She’d read that things that way were horrible. and painful “please do not! I beg you!” She pleaded. But the pleas of her have been cut short by a gag along with a robust blindfold, cutting off any other feelings however for feelings.

“My sweet Lina, I told you I will kill myself before I’d actually damage you by any means. You have to think that. I won’t lie for you, But you must find out all of the pleasures the gorgeous body of yours has to
offer”. he sounded very mild and sincere she gave up the struggles of her and resigned herself to the lesson of her.

The engine oil was hot as it flowed throughout her back. the hands of his working it into each pore and also rubbing her back & shoulders as she stood bent over awaiting the enevitable. The solid hands of his worked lower minimizing, the nice scents of the oils reminded her of lilacs in summer time, as she sensed the hands of his work closer to the most personal area of her just yet. She experienced the oils trickle around the back of her, the feeling was much more tasty than she might have dreamed, and she felt her entire body unwind to the second as his hands teased and also massaged her in an area not one other lover had actually felt.

The pressure of the hard cock of his against the rear of her was virtually orgasmic in itself. She was certain it will harm though the feelings had been something other than pain, as his cock slipped into her. She threw the head of her back as the body of her, bereft of all the sound and sight, surrendered to the secret of touch.He grasped the hips of her and slid more deeply into her, she sensed the balls of his rest against the pussy of her, softly brush the clit of her as he gradually pumped with a rhythmic movement, and an agonizing pace which was driving her mad with desire. He gotten to around and also toyed with the nipples of her, as the very first orgasm of her rushed to the mind of her, making her bound naked body stiffen out of the passion.

Bondage Sex Bliss

Quicker and faster the lover of her moved. Each inward thrust bringing with it a feeling associated with a deeper bliss than the very first. The thighs and legs of her have been growing weak from the second and she might feel the strong arms of his holding her erect as his thrustings increased in tempo. She was pulling madly at the restraints of her seeking to fling herself around to him and also fuck him like there was no tomorrow, when she felt her back stressed and the brain of her skyrocketed in probably the most unusual orgasm she’d ever experienced. It was indescribable from any she’d known. She experienced him cumming strong inside her, the bright load of his filling her as the body of her went limp. The mind of her reeling, the legs of her as jelly, the rear tingling of her and satisfied.

She was conscious of the session. He’d yet to get into the pussy of her, plus had brought to her another awakening of a brand new and extremely different pleasure. She was learning a great deal about herself. It absolutely was a re birth of her soul and body. Similar to the lover of her was preventing the prisoner of her, she too had held the erotic female within her a virtual prisoner too. By no means permitting the feelings within herself the freedoms of the entire pleasures the body of her must provide, and also the actual gifts that God had provided her for enjoyment.The days drifted into each other, as lesson after lesson was mastered and enjoyed. She grew to understand the feathers well. The gentle teasings of the vibrator became similar to a well used buddy coming to go to, and was looked forward to also well accepted. Many evenings she will be bound in leather, spread eagled while her lover licked the stormy pussy of her.

Falling asleep from the exhaustion of way too many orgasms to count anymore.Through everything he was evil or mean never. Lina had become whole. She delighted in the feelings of being bound and at the lovers whims of her. In order to have no excuse but in order to enjoy herself. It had been as though being bound she might rationalize surrendering the vehicle of the feelings of her by the data that she’d absolutely no other option but in order to Love the feelings. Still through all this time he’d not fucked her. She didn’t understand exactly why, but knew the solution will arrive at her someday. Lina had learned patience.

She awoke that morning chained as always to the bedpost of her. Lina had discovered the joys of touching herself numerous times ahead of, when he made the tease of her and caress herself to several orgasms with the very own hands of her. That was an awakening as well. He taught her that the body of her was “her” personal gift in addition to the lovers of her, and never ever would she be longing for one more to offer the pleasure of her so long as she’d herself and the memories of her. This particular morning was similar to others as she absentmindedly caressed her legs, gradually bringing her hands up to the belly of her. Experiencing the smooth scratches, the scents of the wetness of her, as well as the flavor of herself, as she gradually brought the finger of her to her mouth seductively. “Yes” she believed “it is the right day.” Little did she understand how special the morning will be. Today was being the graduation of her.

Her lover spent the morning simply conversing with her, getting to know much better as well as greater the female that was Lina. She willingly told him her most personal desires and secrets. Her wishes and the needs of her. She smiled as approval revealed in the face of his. All of the while she was the captive of his he’d kept the word of his. She was never for want of anything at all. He’d never injured her, and also as he did things to her under the protests of her they have been almost all gratefully welcomed once they had been done.

“We must enable you to get ready the love” of mine He said. She place again on the bed and closed the eyes of her contentedly as he restrained her. He propped a pillow under the mind of her so she might see between the breasts of her. The Lover of her examined her and grinned slyly. He wheeled a little serving tray over on the bedside in which upon it was a mug along with a basin with a brush. Lina can practically read the head of his as he lathered up the shaving soap.

Her back arced when the brush lathered up the gorgeous pubic mound of her. The wetness of the soap combining with the personal wetness of her, such as a good recipe. She tested the restraints of her but knew they had been secure.She softly sighed when the razor worked upon the bush of her. Experiencing the feelings as gradually she felt the breaths of his upon her nowadays naked wetness. She might really feel the excitement growing as he rubbed a warm towel carefully around her shaved pussy. To clean it completely and allowing the breeze from the wide open window tease her to a brand new height. He changed the towel with the mouth of his. She felt the mustache of his against the shaven mound of her for the very first time and nearly came. His tongue ran along the naked pussy of her, igniting fires within her and making the squirm of her in the bonds of her. Hence the morning went as the light coming through the window was quickly replaced by the blackness of night.

Blindfolded and Gagged – Again

She was blindfolded and gagged once again as he led her from the bedroom of her. They walked the hallway they’d travelled together a lot of times before. Lina knew exactly where they had been going. They’d quickly be again in the mirrored “playroom” where the adventure of her had begun monthly before. She made small steps as she outlined to the chains from the restraints of her drag across the floor. Her arms bound behind the back of her, making her breasts thrust forward seductively as well as ready to accept his every caress.

She heard the large door opened again and stepped into the space. She smelled the usual scent of the perfumed candles, along with anxiously awaited the joys that could be coming so very shortly. She was seated in a wooden chair and certain to it in a manner that left the thighs and legs of her spread wide. The ankles of her chained to the wrists of her in print on the other side. He gradually pulled the head of her back and connected a little chain from the collar of her to the rear of the chair. Linas breasts have been forced forward as the ceiling was faced by her. She attempted to transfer but was held immobile. However she didn’t feel any fear. She knew the lover of her well today.

He removed the blindfold of her as well as on the ceiling he’d stretched a banner which read “Happy Graduation Day”. She attempted to smile and speak with him though the gag was solid.

“My like these days there won’t be a lesson, today is going to be for enjoyment alone. These days we are going to celebrate!” He stated as she noticed him wrestling with the cork out of a champagne bottle. In a short time she watched the cork fly over her, and also the unmistakable sound of 2 glasses being filled. She wondered when she’d sip the cool treat.

Strangely she noticed one more bottle being uncorked. “Do you love wine which is white that the love of mine? If not I understand you are going to soon!” he chuckled.

The body of her strained at the bonds of her as his hands ran down her shoulders. past the breasts of her, pausing just long sufficient to softly grant every nipple a gradual tease, awakening them with pride like in fear of the fun that would stick to. Next she experienced something totally new. He placed a padded little clamp on each nipple, they had been set with only enough pressure to stimulate the breasts of her and make the pussy tingle of her from the erotic delights of the contraptions.

She experienced him kneel between the open legs of her and give her internal thighs each a tiny kiss. “Shall we begin?”

She watched the bottle with the deep red juices of its hover over the chin of her and gradually start to tilt. It was virtually as in motion that is slow as the white wine dribbled upon the chest of her, creating small rivers of fluid passion cascading down the belly of her and between the mouth of the vagina of her. The sense was exquisite, and also she tugged and also struggled in the bindings of her for relief. Her lover noticed the passion of her along with a loving smile became the rescuer of her. He placed the tongue of his against the pussy of her and then proceeded to gradually lick the wine from the clit of her. Lina moaned as never before as she watched drop after drop of the container empty on the naked form of her, feeling the wetness as her pussy opened just like a spring rose to the lover of her. The lips parting of her and swelling as his tongue licked, and teased each petal of the feminine flower of her. The moment one bottle was completed another bottle started to bad once again. Till the floor was soaked with the wine as well as its smell mingled with those of the orgasmic aromas of her. She came violently the chair rocking in rhythm to the struggles of her, as wave after wave of enthusiastic bliss hit her such as a hammer.

Lina was still, the weighty breathing of her was everything that may be heard as he removed most of the restraints of her. She lowered the head of her and smiled weakly as he handed her a glass of champagne. She had taken a sip and he helped her up. For the very first period Lina and her lover embraced.

The kiss was passionate and long, their tongues merged and their fingers moved along each others again as the 2 lovers evolved into as one. he whispered in the ear “Please of her be mine”.

Lina gazed upon the floor in the restraints which lay soaking in the wine. She knelt before him and found the leather collar. He looked deep into the eyes of her and smiled as she placed it around the neck of her and locked it again.

The shudder of the Limo made the eyes of her wide open. She was continually cuddled up against the date of her. The arm of his close to her easing the sleep of her as she recognized they were home. Indeed the day was grand. Though the dream was indescribable. the chauffeur opened the door for her and her lover kissed her carefully. She gotten to around to hug him and also watched a leather collar on the back dashboard. She has taken it and held it in place for him to discover.

The driver apologized. “Sorry people, the final individuals that rented the should have left it behind. I will place it up front.”

Lina smiled as her lover aided her from the automobile, and also held the collar close to her chest. “No require sir, I’ve a sense it might are available in handy”.

The driver shrugged and drove away as the 2 lovers gradually walked arm in arm. Lina looked into the lovers eyes of her, and also placed the collar around the neck of her. He smiled at her, with a bewildered look. “do you possibly have dreams?” she grinned.

Lina was responded to by a gentle kiss.