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Device Bondage Review

Device Binding ties, is a real alternative S&M site I think. They use all kind of tools and devices for restraining their slaves.

Their memberarea delightful well designed, you got menu tab called Updates, where you can go in and see all the updates for the Device Spanked site And there is a lot as the site are getting updated once a week at least.

I havent even counted the about of flickson the site, as it is A LOT, my best shot would be well over 50 hours of moving picturesand a gargantuan cum og photosalso.

Another thing you can do on Device Ropes, which I really like is they got a Live Shows section, where you can ofcourse see the show, and you can get to chat with the models and the staff. Unparalleled feature I think.

They also got a Special Offers section, which will give you a discount on the membership prices on the other sites they manage.

You can get access for $55 for a month – BUT if you joins for 6 months you can join for $156 (Save $174). It might seem expensive for attached membership, but its worth it, specially with the amount and quality of the videosand not to mention the Live Shows – I love that part!


The Training Of O

The Training Of O is a totally new concept in the online fetish and bondage world, it is a submissive women that get a full week of training as a slave.

The movies, pictures and concept of the site is real top notch. The site is quite new, but still they managed to fill up the site pretty good.

The site is getting updated once a week with a new shoot from that week of slave training, then they posts from a day, and a day of slave training is about 1 hour. And right now as I writing this they got 58 shoots, so that over 58 hours of slave training already.

One month of access costs only $29.95 and you can get a full 3 months for $59.95 (Save $29.90 USD)

Submissive Isanne Tied Up and Nipple Clamped in Bondage


BDSM News: Elitepain Releases Whipping Film

The world of sadomasochism always rejoice at the news of a fresh release from Hungarian spanking producers Elite Pain. With a long history of whipping Eastern European amateur models to tears, bruising and breaking Hungarian slave girls, taking house wifes through pleasure and pain. Well. Their releases are generally worth waiting for.

The newest Elitepain film is called Punishment Methology 2. As hinted by the titled its a sequel to the movie focusing on whips and canes. This time pussy whipping and bastinado is explored. To the extreme! Read more about Punishment Methology 2 in the BDSMFiles Video Review and have a nice video look at the latest in hard bdsm movies too.


BDSM News: Elitepain Releases Whipping Film


Rough slave punishment of Faye Corbin

silenttreatmentRough slave punishment of Faye Corbin by her dominant boyfriend. The amateur masochist endures a hard sado session with her dom. Fae is spanked. Used sexually. Whipped. Tied. And tit tortured with nipple clamps.

Hardcore sadomaso film from featuring a real lifestyle sado maso lover and her kinky boyfriend in action. Giving blowjobs, fucked in bondage, humiliated and whipped - Faye Corbin enjoys the brutal treatment to the full.

silenttreatment01 silenttreatment02 silenttreatment03 silenttreatment04 silenttreatment05 silenttreatment06


Exotic Amateur Slave

Exotic Amateur Slave in BDSM

Exotic Amateur Slave at Amateur BDSM Videos with clamped and chained nose, metal clamped nipples and private dungeon fetishes. The longhaired mixed race slave girl is tied to a chair in the punishment room and tormented with clover clamps.

Kinky amateur slave tortures with metal clover clamps, chains and bondage. Exotic Amateur Slave in BDSM.

PCT0041 PCT0042 PCT0043 PCT0044 PCT0045 PCT0046 PCT0047 PCT0048 PCT0049 PCT0050 PCT0051

See more amateur BDSM at The Pain Files in exclusive fetish films!


Mature Tit Torture

Severe binding ties and breast whipping of two mature spanking slave babes in the dungeon. Gina and China are confined up and strapped on their pussies and jugs by their stern dom at the headquarters of pain: Shadow Slaves.

Mature Tit Torture Mature Tit Torture

Purple enslaved boobs corporal punishment and wicked booby whacking of mature sadomasochistic masochist China. The english lifestyle subservient tolerates strict breast binding ties, severe riding crop punishments of her bounteous melons and an intense beating session on her jugs and bottom. The howling slave slut moans in agony as the cane makes it mark on her chained boobies.

Mature Tit Torture Mature Tit Torture

Spanked fanny torture and wicked bdsm for bosomy chained blindfolded slaveslut Gina. Subservient Gina is taken to the torture cell and bound up by her master. Her boobs and pinky painfully pegged and her vision cut off by a blindfold. Ginas masters whips off the clamps on her fanny mercilessly as the pain slut wriggles in her ropes and cries out in torture from the pain.


Latin Sado Maso

Latin sex slave Luxx tied up and tit tortured in severe teen bdsm videos and pussy punishment films of south american cutie Luxx as the sex slave under harsh torments from her master.

latin sado maso latin sado maso

Argentinian bdsm slave girl Luxx is put in bondage with her arms above head in the old garage. Wearing a leather collar round her neck the cute teen slaveslut is nipple clamped and pussy tormented whilst moaning and screaming in agony and pleasure. A vibrator is attached to her metal pussy clamps to increase the arousal and pain simultaniously for the south american submissive, who comes closer to a painful orgasm the more punishments of the latin sado maso slavegirl her master delivers to her tormented tits and clamped pussy lips.


Lesbian Spanking

Lesbian degenerate slave Emma Louise in horrific beating discipline and unadorned tail whacking by her lesbian mistress. Emma Louise is dressed in a inscrutabled outfit for her extreme lashing punishment. She is taken to the bedroom, asked to bend over and certain a severe hand corporal punishment by femdom Jay, before being painfully caned

lesbian spanking lesbian spanking

Emma Louise in strict spanking discipline and bare bottom caning by her lesbian mistress. Emma Louise is dressed in a fetish outfit for her severe spanking punishment. She is taken to the bedroom, asked to bend over and given a fierce hand spanking by mistress Jay, before being painfully caned. The full length movie is available at Shadow Slaves

If you want even harder spanking and caning we recommend Mood Spanking Videos


Amateur Needle Torture

Needle pain and shocking piercing agony of mature german lifestyle amateur bdsm slave girl Tri in horrific saline injection torments and cruel edge play including nipple pierced agony and salines in her exposed boobies at The Pain Files needle torture studio, whilst the amateur slave cries and yells out in utter pain and horror. The german amateur sado maso slave has injection needles inserted into her mature bosoms and her nipples tortured with hardcore play piercings directly into her most sensitive bits. Sub Tri loves the sharp and hardcore anguish of piercing needles penetrating her skin but still cant stop shrillinging and sobing as the torment levels reach her outer limits of endurance and the suffering mature german slave permits the blatting flow freely.

Play piercing, needle play, or recreational acupuncture is body piercing done for the purpose of enjoying the experience rather than raising a permanent body decoration. Needles, sharpened bones, or other tools used in play piercing are removed from the body when the episode is complete, allowing the wounds to heal. Those who engage in play piercing may do so for self-expression, as a part of a ritual imitating mock tribal cultures, for the purpose of spiritual self-discovery, for sexual pleasure, for simple entertainment, producing awareness or relieving boredom.

Play piercing as part of a S&M scene can kick up an extreme natural endorphin high which can last for hours and can shake up orgasm in many of the people who experience it. The experience of multiple piercings in an erotically or spiritually charged context is qualitatively very different from the experience most people have had with phlebotomists in medical settings, in part because the needle is placed 'through' the skin at a secant so that both ends are accessible, rather than 'into' the skin.

Featuring German Amateur Slave Tri

Visit Gallery 1

Needle Torture - Play Piercing - Extreme BDSM
Full Length Exclusive Torture Videos
Visit The Pain Files

Visit Gallery 2

Play piercing should always be carried out using fledgling sterile hypodermic needles or acupuncture needles, and preferably on skin which has been cleaned with an antiseptic such as alcohol or povidone iodine (which is a potential allergen), by people who have been properly trained. Improper technique can result in the transmission of bloodborne diseases (due to needlestick injuries, for example) or puncture wounds, but if done correctly there is far less danger of injury or infection than from being scratched by a cat due to the depth of insertion being controlled and the use of a sterilized needle.

Needles may be arranged in aesthetically pure configurations such as a smiley confront, may be laced together like a corset, or may be used to sew on temporary decorations such as bells using sterile thread. Twisting of the needle(s) or pulling them away from the skin will also result a different type of sensation.

A more barbaric kindle of play piercing is flesh hook suspension where a person is suspended vertically or horizontally by one or more hooks through their flesh. This practice is done in some cultures as a rite of passage or as part of a Sadomaso performance. There are also dance rituals in which flesh hooks fixed to multiple people are secureed together.


Lesbian Domination

Pinky licking and hot kinky domination by impolite mature domina Jay. Emma Louise is in the hand of an experienced lesbian lover and follows every command of her domina on the hunt for sexy lesbian pleasures. Emma is licking Jays fanny and has a big dildo inserted into her fanny in the bedroom.

lesbian domination lesbian domination

To see more Lesbian Domination and Fetish Action Clips : Visit Shadow Slaves

lesbian domination lesbian domination

Featuring Emma Louise and Jay. Lesbian sex toys kinky fanny licking and delicious fetish domination by graceless mature dominiatrix Jay. Emma Louise is in the hand of an experienced lesbian lover and follows every command of her mistress on the hunt for sexy lesbian pleasures. Emma is licking Jays pussy and has a huge dildo inserted into her fanny in the bedroom.


Mild confinement games


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Amateur Bondage Video

Watch free sample movie


Slave girl: Kumi Monster

from the movie "Introducing Kumi Monster"

Presented by – amateur slaves videos

Shadowslaves is delighted to welcome the internationally renowned fetish model Kumi Monster to our select stable of slaves. The asian beauty’s forte is her flexibility and ability to cope with even the most strenuous bondage poses. Watch her fighting to keep her balance whilst Magick tests out her reactions and tolerances with some unique wax play.

>>Get the full movie inside

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Domination and sex


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Mean steel punish

I like the idea of contrast. Just like here, where I replace the warmth and softness of my fingers with the coldness of strong steel. While these intricate tools bite into her pink, nipples and lips, I take my time to savor the taste of her budding nipples. Of course, I don

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